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Purchase Options

ARP Press offers digital and print versions of its 4th and 5th Series fascicles. Each fascicle price includes print (plus shipping) and digital access at The 5th Series digital version is full text and easy to read and search on computers, tablets, and smartphones, as well as available as pdfs by chapter. The 4th tumor series and 1st non-tumor series digital versions are only in pdf form, but also included in our search engine results.

Customers may opt out of receiving the print edition or choose only to utilize the print copy. 

Individual Fascicle Purchases
When purchasing a specific fascicle through, customers will have permanent access to the digital version on as soon as the system that runs updates. Customers will use their account username (the email address used for making the purchase) and password on for this access and will retain access to those purchased fascicles. 
Individual Subscription to the Full 5th Series

Individual Subscribers automatically receive each fascicle (in print and digital) published in our 5th Series as soon as it’s available, with the subscriber discount. 

  • Regular Subscriber: 10% off
  • Subscriber Attending Physician: 20% off
  • Subscriber Resident/Fellow: 30% off

A subscription is for the complete current series and starts with the most recent fascicle. If you’d like to “catch up” and complete the series, just contact us. As with individual fascicle purchases, your access is permanent. 

Institutional Subscription Access

ARP's new Institutional Subscription Access program is an annual digital subscription with tiered pricing to make it accessible to a wide variety of organizations, such as libraries and laboratories, and their pathology community. If you are interested in this option, please contact us and a representative will be in touch with you as soon as possible.


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