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The American Registry of Pathology (ARP) Press is at the forefront of propelling pathology education forward. We dedicate every day to our mission to advance, educate, and connect the field of pathology by providing the best educational content and expertise.

Through the publishing program — ­starting with the comprehensive AFIP/ARP fascicles that were first conceived in 1947 — and the continuous development of our innovative website, we equip pathologists worldwide with the tools they need to excel to make their own impact in the field of pathology.

As a non-profit, we truly cannot do this alone. Your generous contribution fuels this vital mission.
Advance pathology by building a powerful resource center: Since the summer of 2022, our website offers a comprehensive, searchable library of ARP publications, including access to the Series 5 fascicles. This empowers pathologists everywhere to enhance their expertise.
Educate pathologists through the in-depth examinations of tumor and non-tumor pathology by leading experts in the field: Future innovations we’d like to implement revolve around expanding our website to cultivate a dynamic learning environment, and exploring ways to add interactive features, case studies, even on-demand learning opportunities.
Connect generations of pathologists: The AFIP/ARP fascicles have been a key set of publications since their inception. As publishing shifted from print-only to digital as well as print, ARP has also moved into digital publishing, utilizing web features to give pathologists the ability to access content in a quicker and more select way than the traditional book form. In addition, ARP is launching a digital only series focused on new developments in pathology.

Help us create a lasting impact on pathology by investing in today’s and tomorrow’s pathologists.

With your support, we can continue our mission.

Your donation will directly impact:
  • Publication of high-quality fascicles encompassing a broad spectrum of pathology.
  • Development of learning tools and advanced search functionalities on our website.
  • Enhancing the comprehensiveness of our resources.
  • Expanding accessibility for pathologists around the globe.

Invest in the future of pathology.

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